Driving initiatives for Purposeful AI and key advisor Global 2000 corporations and venture backed startups on communicating to C level executives about digital technologies and transformation

William Thompson

Chief Strategy Officer

Forbes Insight (USA)
His efforts are instrumental in Intel’s multi $Billion AI revenue growth

Wei Li

VP & GM of ML Performance

Intel Corporation (USA)
A principal contributor to the development of bias free data and AI use cases and activities for the largest retail and agriculture funding banks from France

Dr Wafae Bakkali

Senior AI & Data Scientist

Credit Agricole (France)
Introduced AI for call centers that empower 3 million agents across 30,000 different enterprises to deliver customer experience

Mohamed El-Geish

AI Director

Launched # ArtAboutAI , an initiative to make AI more accessible and to inform civic debate, through a medium that transcends language and culture art.

Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos

AI Policy Member for IEEE USA & Strategy & Innovation Advisor, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)

Created the Schranner Concept® used by major Fortune 500 companies, a key strategic enabler of AI decision making and teaches the art of negotiation to business and government
leaders in over 40 countries including USA, Russian, Japan & China

Matthias Schranner


Schranner Negotiation Institute (Switzerland)
Voted in the top 100 AI leaders by Deep Knowledge Analytics & the top 100 leading pioneers in drug development using AI as per Forbes and currently leveraging petabytes of enterprise scale data to develop and deliver solutions that help in human disease biology, clinical genomics, and precision medicine

Dr. Shameer Khader

Sr. AI Director

AstraZeneca (USA)
Joined Flipkart from Google to lead efforts at engineering the data mining engines that will target the next 200 million users

Dr. Mayur Datar

Chief Data Scientist

Flipkart (India)
Developed an innovative partnership with Hollywood to bring the latest VR, CGI, and AI technology to its soldiers with an approved pilot for the Human Domain Matrix VR simulation and worked with the producer of Mad Max: Fury Road, and the motion capture and technical leads for the Lord of the Rings and the new Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

Colonel Arnel David

US Special Advisor to the UK Armed Forces Chief of General Staff, Allied Rapid Reaction Corps

Named by Forbes in the list of Top Women defining AI in the 21 st century and Founder of BCG GAMMA’s premier AI and ML software applied in data science, analytics & AI to identify competitive advantages

Andrea Gallego

Global CTO GAMMA, Managing Director & Partner

Boston Consulting Group, (USA)
Served as the Head of AI in the Applied Innovation team of HSBC Hong Kong and Worked on ethical frameworks for AI and is a frequent lecturer and speaker about Applications of AI in Finance

Dr. Juergen Rahmel

Chief Digital Officer, AI & ML Advisor, HSBC

HSBC (Germany)
The creator of the Rolls Royce process and framework for Governing AI Ethics and Data Ethics collaborating with HR, Ethics, Data Scientists, Manufacturing and the Trades Unions

Lee Glazier

Head of Service Integrity, R2 Data Labs

Rolls Royce (UK)

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