In charge of 70 billion digital transactions annually, launched the Principles of Digital Identity
framework to enable seamless digital interactions between government agencies and businesses internationally

Ajay Bhalla

President Cyber & Intelligence Solutions

Mastercard (UK)
Winner of Techstars UK National Covid-19
Startup Weekend; a WebSummit and
TEDX speaker, Co-Founder of uMore, the
AI-powered mental well-being tracker,
that uses ML & digital phenotyping which
raised investment from Facebook’s
former Head of Growth

Alejandro Serrano Saunders


Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer
Member of the European AI Alliance, by European Commission that influences its AI ethics guidelines

Ana Chubinidze

Social Scientist & Founder

AI Governance International (Germany)

Named by Forbes in the list of Top Women defining AI in
the 21 st century

Founder of BCG GAMMA’s premier AI and ML software
applied in data science, analytics & AI to identify
competitive advantages

New On Board

Andrea Gallego

Managing Director & Partner, Boston Consulting Group

A winner of 4 Cannes Gold Lions for the Story Sign Project, an AI based initiative that facilitates parents to read stories to 32 million deaf children below the age of 6

Andrew Garrihy


DiDi (China)
With 8 patents to his name, is driving Qatar’s energy management strategy using AI and other emerging technologies and winner of the Lab Laboratory Director’s Award for Exceptional Scientific Achievement at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory(PNNL)

Antonio Sanfilippo

Chief Scientist & Program Director

Qatar Foundation (Qatar)
Under his leadership, DIFC has grown
substantially and set out an ambitious
2024 Strategy, which will see it further
enhance its position as the leading
financial hub for the Middle East, Africa
and South Asia (MEASA) region.
Pioneered the globally acclaimed Data
Protection Law, that clarifies data usage
while engaging with vendors of AI and

Arif Amiri

Dubai International Financial Centre Authority (UAE)

Using Evolutionary Algorithms, this Emirati woman is developing and delivering new projects that intends to transform decision making processes for enterprises.

Ayesha Al Hosani

Team Leader – Business Solutions

Abu Dhabi Investment Council (Mubadala Investment Company) (UAE)
A pioneer to kickstart the Web3 Data Economy by focusing on getting AI and data together in blockchain startups and business expert that helped build 20 banks globally for Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi & Jaguar Land Rover

Bruce Pon

Co Founder & Board Member

Ocean Protocol (Germany)
Listed as Forbes top 50 women in Tech in 2018.
Built products for surgical robotic systems at Intuitive Surgical, space robotic systems at
Lockheed Martin, and self-driving cars at drive.ai.
Pioneer in teleoperated and autonomous robot systems in applications such as surgery, space exploration, disaster rescue and self driving cars

Carol Reiley


Artificial Intelligence roboticist, World Economics Forum Young Global Leader, Co-Founder & CEO
Leading Nestle's company wide AI strategy, aimed to transform Nestle into an unbiased cognitive company by 2025

Carolina Pinart

Global Product Director for New Generation Technologies

Nestle (Spain)
First female pilot in the Royal Danish Air Force, is now exploring AI for safety, security and sustainability for jets, helicopters and superyachts.

Charlotte Pedersen

CEO - Luxaviation Helicopters

Luxaviation Group (Luxembourg)
An AI youth champion from Africa and founder at the age of 23, is now working on an ambitious plan to train young engineers in Africa in AI and ML to increase Africa's share that currently stands at 5% to support future societies

Claire Matuka

& Data Scientist Ada Labs Africa (Kenya)

Co Founder of AI Centre of Excellence (AICE)
Developed an innovative partnership with Hollywood to bring the latest VR, CGI, and AI technology to its soldiers with an approved pilot for the Human Domain Matrix VR simulation and worked with the producer of Mad Max: Fury Road, and the motion capture and technical leads for the Lord of the Rings and the new Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

Colonel Arnel David

US Special Advisor to the UK Armed Forces Chief of General Staff, Allied Rapid Reaction Corps

Using AI and data science to become the region's largest food and grocery delivery app with a network of 24800 restaurants and44,675 branches delivering in less than 30minutes

Dina Mohammad Laity

Director of Data Science

Talabat (UAE)
A world record holder of 3D printing, one of the founding members of Dubai Future Foundation, now leveraging AI for additive manufacturing, fabrication and overall equipment effectiveness in the construction and manufacturing industries

Dominic Wright


Generation 3D (UAE)
Has developed an exceptional used case study that uses deep and machine learning to detects malware attacks on critical infrastructure and has also developed an AI model that uses X Ray scans for COVID detection.

Dr Hani Ragab,

Associate Professor at the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences and Director of the Institute of Applied Information Security

Heriot-Watt University (UAE)
One of top Global Influential Leaders for
leading Digital Transformation (Constellation
Research); The Guru of AI, Big Data and
Analytics (DEW Journal A flagship journal of
Energy); One of the top 50 leaders as movers
and shakers in Data and Analytics in US Canada
Corinium Global Intelligence)

Dr Satyam Priyadarshi


MD & Chief Data Scientist Officer
A principal contributor to the development of bias free data and AI use cases and activities for the largest retail and agriculture funding banks from France

Dr Wafae Bakkali

Senior AI & Data Scientist

Credit Agricole (France)
Director in a Big 4, CTO CIO with India's
largest retail, CIO with Worlds largest
newspaper, Faculty with NIFT, IIT, SPJain

New On Board

Dr. Abhijit Dasgupta

SP Jain Global School of Management

Director of Data Science
Part of OECD team of One AI Wonk, leading the framework in Israel for Joint National Infrastructure for computing and storage in multiple domains like Food, Agriculture, Autonomous vehicles.

Dr. Aviv Zeevi

VP Technology Transfer

Israel Innovation Authority (Israel)
A winner of the Shoman Award for Arab Researchers for ML and big data for 2020, has three issued patents.

Dr. Bernard Ghanem

Lead of AI Initiative, KAUST

Associate Professor, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) (Saudi Arabia)
Has worked as a Data Science and AI
researcher for more than three decades.
Has been consultant for major
corporations, central banks, governments

Dr. Debashis Guha

SP Jain Global School of Management

Director of Machine Learning
First Woman in the Middle East to earn a Ph.D in AI.
An expert in phonology based automatic speech recognition for Arabic.
Dedicating her life's work to develop more women AI engineers in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030

Dr. Fatmah Baothman ,

King Abdulaziz University & Saudi Council of Engineers

AI Researcher & Computer Scientist
Ranked #5 Data Science Influencer for 2018 by Onalytica and Joe Fields, has a GlobalData influencer score of 84, with over 90,000 Twitter followers

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka

AI Influencer, Chief Data Scientist and a SAP technical lead

Accenture (USA)
Developed a software that helps ML teams save70% on their data preparation and processing costs while getting a significant performance boost

Dr. Jennifer Prendki ,

Founder & CEO

Alectio (USA)
Developing data and algorithms to achieve a 100% carbon free goal for one the largest investor owned electric utility companies in the world

Dr. Juan Bernabe Moreno

Chief Data Officer & Global Head of Analytics & AI

E.ON (Germany)
Served as the Head of AI in the Applied Innovation team of HSBC Hong Kong and Worked on ethical frameworks for AI and is a frequent lecturer and speaker about Applications of AI in Finance

Dr. Juergen Rahmel

Chief Digital Officer, AI & ML Advisor, HSBC

HSBC (Germany)
Launched # ArtAboutAI , an initiative to make AI more accessible and to inform civic debate, through a medium that transcends language and culture art.

Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos

AI Policy Member for IEEE USA & Strategy & Innovation Advisor, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)

Joined Flipkart from Google to lead efforts at engineering the data mining engines that will target the next 200 million users

Dr. Mayur Datar

Chief Data Scientist

Flipkart (India)
His AI ethics research has been replicated across in India, the Asia Pacific region and Africa.

Dr. Norberto Andrade

Member of the OECD Network of Experts on AI, Global Policy Lead for Digital and AI Ethics

Facebook (USA)
An experienced doctoral supervisor and examiner, with students based in the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland and UAE working in areas of social media and customer engagement, buyer seller and sales person customer relationships, artificial intelligence and marketing.

Dr. Paul Hopkinson

Associate Head of Edinburgh Business School

Heriot-Watt University (UAE)
Collaborated with a large number of leading
international designers, including the design studio,
Architecture and Vision, and space architects, Arturo
Vittori and Andreas Vogler to bring cross fertilization of
design between humans and technology.

New On Board

Dr. Raffi Tchakerian

Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation

Assistant Professor
Is part of the Complex Human Data Hub research center, investigating the psychological implications of current innovations in data gathering devices and wearables

Dr. Renata Morais

Assistant Professor Multimedia Design

Dubai Institue of Design and Innovation (UAE)
Leads a data science team focused on measuring & optimizing the marketing ROI for Google’s largest clients

Dr. Saket Kumar

Chief Data Scientist - Global Premium Services

Google (USA)
Established the Data Science Elite team that has grown to almost 100 data scientists around the world. Deployed on more than 130 AI, Data Science and ML projects

Dr. Seth Dobrin

Chief Data Officer IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software, Vice President & Chief Data Officer

IBM Analytics, IBM & AI, (USA)
Voted in the top 100 AI leaders by Deep Knowledge Analytics & the top 100 leading pioneers in drug development using AI as per Forbes and currently leveraging petabytes of enterprise scale data to develop and deliver solutions that help in human disease biology, clinical genomics, and precision medicine

Dr. Shameer Khader

Sr. AI Director

AstraZeneca (USA)
Heavily leveraging AI to make Singapore and cities in China smarter across its key projects, an important contributor to the development of Cambridge 1, the world's fastest supercomputer

Dr. Simon See

Global Head Nvidia AI Technology Centre

Nvidia (Singapore)
Anghami’s AI and ML algorithms currently
process 56 million data points each day.
Became the first Arab technology company to
be listed on NASDAQ in 2021, expected to
generate $40 210 million in cash from the
SPAC and a separate PIPE investment to help
accelerate its growth

Elie Habib,


Co Founder & CTO
Deployed AI to assess martial arts fan behaviour across 150 countries.
Using data analytics to improve immersive experience, bolster streaming services and
deliver personalized content offers via an over the top platform.

Erica Kerner

One Championship

Senior Vice President & Head of Marketing & Strategy
Leads Qatar SportsTech , a sports tech AI accelerator, initiated by Qatar Development Bank, powered by Startupbootcamp and supported by the Supreme Committee for Delivery &Legacy, Qatar Stars League, beIN Media Group, Qatar Financial Centre, Aspire Zone Foundation, MBK Holding and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Heba Qadri Al Masri


Qatar Sportstech & Startup Boots Camp (Qatar)
The woman at the helm who has delivered
exceptional results during the global pandemic.
Leads communication and PR for His Highness
Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah.
Innovative champion of a holistic digital
transformation and effective messaging.
Previously directed communication Prince Al
Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz , listed by Time
magazine as one of the hundred most
influential people in the world

Her Excellency Heba Fatani

Ras Al Khaimah Government Media Office

Director General
40 under 40 European Young Leaders of 2017 by Friends of Europe and Driving Malta’s 2050 low carbon development strategy and electrification of cars by leveraging AI

His Excellency Aaron Farrugia

Minister of Environment, Climate Change & Planning

Government of Malta
Jack is an American engineer, hardware designer,
inventor, video game developer and philanthropist.
Jack is best known for designing the guitars and
drums for the Guitar Hero video game series, and
as a co-founder and chief engineer at Oculus VR.
He is a Board Trustee at the University of
California, Berkely, and McCauley Chair in Drug
Policy Innovation at the RAND Corporation

Jack McCauley

Oculus VR

Inventor & Video Game Developer Co-Founder
Using AI to improve data usage and assist evidence based decision making in addition to
designing its competitions: Champions League and Europa League, as well as EL2 from 2021/2022

Jean Baptiste Alliot

Baptiste Alliot, Innovation Strategy Specialist

UEFA (Switzerland)
10 most influential tech women in education
in the world as per Analytics Insights

Joanne McEachen

The Learner First

CEO & Founder
Delivering an ambitious plan to train young
engineers in Africa in AI and ML to increase
Africa's share that currently stands at 5% to
support future societies.
Developing one of the largest AI startup hubs
across East and West Africa

John Kamara

Ada Labs Africa

Director of Machine Learning & Co Founder
Named in the Top 20 Portuguese World Changer and World's Top 70 Health AI Brains by Medicine AI , is leveraging AI, DL & ML to operate a 1200 healthcare diagnostic centres in a retail fashion

Jose Pedro Almeida

Data Intelligence Director

Unilabs Portugal (Portugal)
Has designed and contributed to digital strategies
in campaigns run for Motorola, Samsung,
Blackberry, Palm, Qualcomm, Canon, eBay,
Microsoft, Xbox, Symantec, Kickstarter, WeWork ,
Linkedin , PayPal, Ericsson, Gartner, and HP.
An active member of the London technology
start up community, mentoring early stage start

Justin Westcott


COO UK & Ireland and Head of Technology Europe
Winner of the NASA Space App Challenge

Amongst his patented applications is the world’s
first Dream Recorder that seamlessly augments
human and machine intelligence

Developed BrainOS , a brain operating systems
that enables users to communicate silently and
type/talk to Siri using their brain signals

Kareem Ayyad

Cerebian Canada

A tech and healthcare system innovator,
featuring all treats of the Innovators DNA
and connecting ideas with the reality of
healthcare globally in peril

Konrad Dobschuetz

Health Innovation and BIOME Lead UK Novartis

Head of Customer Solutions
Co founder of DataScience.Sg , a 10,000 strong AI and data scientists community in Singapore, building general AI to continue developing a smart nation

Koo Ping Shung


AI Professionals Association (Singapore)
The creator of the Rolls Royce process and framework for Governing AI Ethics and Data Ethics collaborating with HR, Ethics, Data Scientists, Manufacturing and the Trades Unions

Lee Glazier

Head of Service Integrity, R2 Data Labs

Rolls Royce (UK)
Created the Schranner Concept® used by major Fortune 500 companies, a key strategic enabler of AI decision making and teaches the art of negotiation to business and government
leaders in over 40 countries including USA, Russian, Japan & China

Matthias Schranner


Schranner Negotiation Institute (Switzerland)
Used ML successfully to market place forecasting to safety initiatives, and from ops automation to enhancing customer experience to serve a population of 1.3 billion

Megha Yethadka

Director of Program Management

Uber (India)
Launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI)compliance framework and advisory service

Minesh Tanna

Member of UK CBI AI Working Group, European AI Alliance, and International Association for Artificial Intelligence & Law

Solicitor Advocate and Global AI Lead, Simmons & Simmons (UK)
An ex Global Head of Analytics for Careem , is
now transforming the F&B industry with the
concept kitchens on the cloud, secured $15
million investment in 2021 to expand in UAE
and Saudi Arabia

Nuno Amaral de Freitas,


Director of Strategy & Analytics
Managing data for Estonian e citizenship, for citizen from 165 countries including e-citizenship of Barrack Obama and working on an ambitious plan to personalise and create seamless e governance services leveraging AI, right from the time a baby is born, to health benefits, education admissions, car renewals etc.

Ott Velsberg

Government Chief Data Officer

Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs & Communications (Estonia)
A TEDx speaker, is an expert in connecting
AI, neuroscience & behavioural science
and is a sought after expert by World Bank,
Dubai Executive Council, Emirates Airlines,
DHL, SEWA, Reckitt Benkiser , P&G etc

New On Board

Prof. Christopher Abraham

SP Jain Global School of Management

Professor of Leadership, Design Thinking & Organizational Behaviour
Is proactively helping develop and recommend the Eco system Transformation Plans & Policy Initiatives for the Government of Dubai and highly involved in making Dubai the leader in the Fourth Industrial revolution

Rashid Hazari

Chief Strategist

Department of Economic Development Dubai (UAE)
Champion in deploying supervised, unsupervised, generative and reinforcement learning algorithms in capital markets across equity & commodity algo trading, high-frequency relative-return predictions and sensitivity calculations of complex derivative contracts

Salman Arif

Group Product Manager

Borealis AI (Canada)
Over 40+ global patents mega and scale
architectures like Distributed Commerce,
Windows 8 Telemetry, Natural User Interface
Platform; Customer Assistance Platform; MSN
Search, Open Design Distributed P2P/CS Platform

Sanjeev Kataria


Technical Advisor & Chief Technology Officer
Launched the first AI research centre in the region in partnership with global health care technology company Cerner that aims to leverage it’s electronic health records, EHR, data along with its clinical AI and advanced data analytics tools to ultimately create centres of excellence for oncology, infectious diseases, and bariatric medicine.

Sherif Beshara

Mohamed and Obaid Al Mulla Group of Cos

Group CEO, American Hospital
The AI and data expert who built supervised and unsupervised ML models by using tools like randomForests, logistic regression, clustering and neural networks  

Siddhartha Thimmavajjalla

Executive Director - AI & Machine Learning

Standard Chartered Bank (India)
Miss Korea 2018, Mecenat New Year Concert Host for Vietnam, a vocal critic of beauty standards and body-shaming culture, an inspiration for design of AI algorithms in the luxury and beauty sectors that avoid AI bias

Soo Min Kim

Former Miss Korea 2018, Content Creator & Broadcast Host

The Hankookilbo (South Korea)
Launched the world's first AI certification programme focussing on AI ethics that put Malta on the 10th rank in the global AI index by Tortoise Media

Stephen McCarthy


Malta Digital Innovation Authority (Malta)
Responsible for digital transformation of the programming portfolio for admissions at NYU

Tala Hammash

Director of Admissions & Enrollment

New York University of Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Has played a leading role in promoting and
institutionalizing the role of public private
partnerships as a tool for advancing foreign
policy and development objectives

Thomas Debass

US Dept of State

MD & Chief Partnerships Officer
WEF's "Entrepreneur for the World,Commonwealth Club's "Distinguished Citizen,"Independent Institute's "Toqueville LibertyAward," Forbes' "Midas List.• Worth's "100 Most Powerful People in Finance" &Top 100 most influential Harvard Alumni.• AlwaysON's #1 Networked Venture Capitalist.• Venture Successes include Skype, Baidu, Tesla,Overture, PTC, Hotmail, Twitch, Robinhood, Carta,Coinbase, Theranos.

Timothy Draper

Founding Partner of Draper Associates & DFJ, Headmaster, Draper University (USA)

Draper University
One of the top brand editors of the world, GE reports has been listed in the Financial Times, Inc. magazine and the Brunswick Review as a leading example of content published by businesses and leads the AI storytelling of GE globally which has been hailed as one of the best and most effective examples of machine nirvana.

Tomas Kellner

Chief Storyteller

His efforts are instrumental in Intel’s multi $Billion AI revenue growth

Wei Li

VP & GM of ML Performance

Intel Corporation (USA)
Driving initiatives for Purposeful AI and key advisor Global 2000 corporations and venture backed startups on communicating to C level executives about digital technologies and transformation

William Thompson

Chief Strategy Officer

Forbes Insight (USA)
A technology leader, under his
leadership, Jawraa received Saudi
Arabia’s first mobile virtual network
operator (MVNO) license propelling
the digital transformation for the
region at large

Yasser Alobaidan


Founder & CEO
2021’s top 10 most influential women in
technology as per Analytics Insight Magazine.
A holder of 50 patents, innovated the "AI for AI"
concept for Computer Vision and Deep Learning,
and led the R&D of PowerAI Vision, IBM's "AI
brain" for deep video and image analytics, that
won International Spark Design Glod Award

Yong Hua Lin,


CEO of V Origin Tech & Chairperson
•The rockstar who built a core AI team at AntFinancial and applied ML to micro lending,insurance, intelligent recommendations,marketing and wealth management.•His intelligent customer service system hassaved $15 Million year on year from 2016.

Yuan (Alan) Qi

Vice President & Chief AI Scientist & Chief Data Officer

Ant Group (China)

A Global Network of Association Support

Supporters And Event Champions