Python Talks

A full day session celebrating the very best in the world’s most popular programming language…Python! This open source language has passionate devotees from all over the world as shown by our truly international programme welcoming speakers from the USA, UK, Singapore and others.
Learn from the very best at Python Talks on 20th October

Python Talks Agenda 20 OCT 2021 | RASHID HALL

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  • The generator versus the discriminator battle!
  • Loading and preparing datasets
  • The API effect
  • Losses and optimisers

optimisers David Mertz

Keynote speaker for PyCon events & Senior Python trainer, KDM Training (USA)

A regular keynote speaker at PyCon events globally, his My _Charming Python_ column was the mostly widely read discussion of the Python programming language worldwide for a number of years

12 : 00

Dr. Ivan Reznikov

Senior Data Scientist at Archipelo USA, & DS lecturer, Middlesex University Dubai

A Python coding expert with numerous data science projects

12 : 30

Python is an amazing language for data science and machine learning and has a lot of great community driven Open Source libraries and projects. How can we use Python to explore and analyse the wonders and mysteries of Space? This session introduces you to the world of Python. But the goal is not to learn Python, the goal is to understand how Python plays a role in the innovative solutions that NASA creates. Through the lens of space discovery, this session could ignite a passion to persistently learn, discover, and create so that you too can one day help us all understand a little more about the world beyond our Earth.

Dr. Amit Andre

CEO & Founder, Data Tech Labs

A regular keynote speaker at PyCon events globally, his My _Charming Best innovation award 2017 for efficiently developing leadership summit with world’s thinker 50 speakers

13 : 00


14 : 00

Dmitriy Denisov

Senior Data Scientist,

Careem (UAE)
Expert in fraud prevention using machine learning and deep learning

14 : 30

Explore some of the great features from modern Python and how to use them with FastAPI and friends. We will see how to make code that is less error prone, simpler, more efficient, and have a great developer experience, all at the same time. And all this while including best practices by default. We will see a bit about type annotations (type hints), async/await, and an overview of FastAPI , Typer , and others. This talk doesn't expect any technical background, just some basic knowledge of Python.

Sebastián Ramírez Montaño

Creator, FastAPI (Germany)

Creator of the FastAPI used by Netflix and Uber & was rated as the third most loved web framework in StackOverflow 2021 Developer Survey

15 : 00

Okseii Reutov

Data Science Engineering Manager, SoftServe (Ukraine)

Lead the delivery of the project "Tuned application for customer centricity in retail“ in a major Dubai based conglomerate

15 : 30

The process applied to solve the scenarios followed a model based machine learning approach by using Python Surprise, Pandas, and Sci kit libraries which are very powerful tools in this field. The preprocessing of data is carried out to remove unnecessary records and to reduce ratings matrix dimension by using SVD algorithm in order to fit the model. Model learning is done using SVD and KNN algorithms for collaborative based and content based recommenders respectively. Testing and validation have been performed to measure the accuracy and coverage of the models. During the process, Python Surprise, Pandas, and Sci kit libraries have been investigated to measure their effectiveness, then Spark tested to compare its performance. it

Mohammed Ragab

Head of Network & Security, Sharjah Economic Development Department (UAE)

Implemented and done tens of projects that have saved time and efforts and boosted the digital transformation journey of SEDD

16 : 00

Surgeons perform surgeries and save lives. How does a developer do that today? Today, Programming is not just limited to the scope of computers, but impacts human lives in several ways. From the food we eat to the medicines we buy. We enjoy the luxury of data accessibility with Technology. Did you know there are 300 Open Source Projects in Health care? And Python Developers can contribute to making a huge impact on human lives. The single line of code may enable the right awareness or the right organ match or connect the right dots at the right time or give someone a new life.

  • Leverage Python to accelerate connectivity between Clinical Trials & Patient Profiles
  • Learn how scattered, fragmented data transforms to life saving intel with Machine Learning Methods in Python
  • Understand about how python plays an important role in the technology stack where confidential information is concerned from micro to macro
  • Visualize the architecture for Blockchains and understand the encryption methods for it

Shilpa Karkeraa

CEO & Founder, Myraa Technologies (Singapore)

Global top 20 Goldman Sachs Growth Fellow 2021, Linked 300 open source projects in healthcare using Python for clinical trials and patient profiles; PyCon APAC keynote speaker

16 : 30

Dmitriy Dovgan

Head of Data Science,

Al Futtaim Group (UAE)

An expert in data driven solutions through utilizing cloud technologies and advanced techniques to deliver ML products

17 : 00


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