Is Ai disrupting the workforce?

Are you looking for critical answers about the impact of future working practices on your business? Are you both concerned and excited by the seismic changes and opportunities in the world of work heading our way quickly?

If you are, then you’re in the vast majority of professionals. The past year has highlighted challenges and vulnerabilities around work culture globally. The work from home phenomenon, accelerated by the global pandemic, has nonetheless created the beginnings of a more human-centric economy with an evolved work environment at the heart. By 2030, the MENA region is expected to expand its tertiary educated talent pool by 50%, as per WEF, ensuring that the development of sustainable future workplaces is an absolute necessity today, and no longer a luxury anymore for both public and private sector.

Understanding how to solve those challenges and fix those vulnerabilities is crucial in helping to create productive workplaces of the future. That’s why Ai Everything, in partnership with Big Innovation Centre, hosted a webinar on The Future of Work addressing this seminal topic.

Find all the answers you need and more at Future of Work webinar.

Watch the webinar session and hear the opinions from some of the region’s most innovative thought leaders. The important session discusses how AI is disrupting the workforce, addressing everything from automation to new business models, value propositions, customer expectations and employee capabilities impacting the future of work