Brave Awards


The annual, internationally renowned Ai Everything BRAVE Awards are a chance for regional and international trail blazers to achieve global recognition for their adoption of life-enhancing AI initiatives.

The awards will once again celebrate the very best in AI adoption and innovation among top global companies; recognizing exceptional lab-to-live solutions, industry applications and pilot projects in artificial intelligence.

Nominations can be submitted up until 19th August 2021 and will be judged by an internationally recognised panel of industry experts.

Shortlisted companies will be invited to attend an award ceremony on 17th October 2021 where the best of the best in the global AI industry will be celebrated and all the category winners will be announced.



The global Covid-19 pandemic which, at the time of writing, governments around the world are still battling hard to bring under control with great success to date, particularly regionally, has nevertheless pushed the adoption of new technology, and particularly artificial intelligence, front and centre in the battle to win.

Expected entrants: Healthcare Providers, Pharmacies etc


AI and EdTech are interwoven in all areas and, with at-home learning currently a significant part of the educational model, the relevance for educational institutions to develop and implement practical AI solutions has never been more relevant. In this category, the judging panel will look at the most innovative use of artificial intelligence solutions to engage curiosity, develop critical thinking and further educational objectives.

Expected Entrants: Education Establishments, Training Providers, etc


Transportation – of people and goods – is going through seismic change. Whether it is the anticipated explosion of autonomous transport, solutions for first and last mile delivery or developments in shipping – and myriad other solutions – it is very clear that future mobility will be a topic at front and centre of the global tech revolution for the foreseeable future. In this category, the judging panel will assess those entries for forward focused mobility solutions designed to minimize environmental impact, reduce cost of transport or logistics or otherwise push the boundaries of mobility.

Expected entrants: Port Authorities, Automakers etc


AI permeates almost every aspect of our lives, with the government and government services driving this innovation in many countries. This category welcomes entries from global government and semi-government agencies who display the most innovative and promising use of AI. The potential value to achieve a measurable impact on cooperation performance or towards a charitable course or mission.

Expected entrants: Local, Regional and Global Government Departments


The growth in adoption of artificial intelligence solutions in recent years has had a tremendous impact in multiple areas – business growth, customer interaction, greater efficiency – but perhaps none of these areas have had a greater global impact than when the technology has been used for social good. In this category the judging panel will assess and reward the company which has developed or implemented the AI solution which has led to the greatest positive social impact

Expected entrants: Charitable entities, any company which has a core objective to utilise AI for social good


A growing global focus on climate and emissions control, allied with the need to find a long term solution to finite fossil fuel supplies has led to a growing need for artificial intelligence solutions in the energy sector. This category will reflect upon and reward the most promising and innovative solutions in the global energy sector.

Expected entrants: Energy companies, clean energy, etc


With the rise of 5G technology producing a significant leap in the technology capabilities of technology companies more and more are looking towards complex artificial intelligence solutions to help keep pace with the rapidly evolving requirements. In this category, the judging panel will assess which entrants have created the most innovative artificial intelligence solution to help keep pace and even accelerate progress within this sector.

Expected entrants: Telecoms providers, equipment manufacturers, etc


The global Fintech sector is currently experiencing rapid growth as the international finance sector eagerly seeks out new and innovative solutions to streamline processes, improve customer interaction and drive profits. In this category, we will reward the company or institute which has implemented the most innovative AI solution to advance their business objectives or improve customer experience.

Expected entrants: Banks, insurance companies, asset managers, etc

“There will also be a unique individual award, Disruptor of the Year – given to a single individual who, in the opinion of the judging panel, has made the most significant impact during the year towards furtherment and adoption of artificial intelligence in the region”

Entry Criteria

Entry Criteria


All entries must meet the following criteria

  • Must be end users of artificial intelligence solutions, not vendors of AI software or hardware solutions, or cloud services providers. Vendors and providers are welcome to nominate their clients for a specific project or solution
  • Must be launched/adapted within the past 30 months prior to the award ceremony date. For the avoidance of doubt this refers to any solution which has been developed after 22nd April 2019
  • Must be able to show a provable result within this timeframe. Entries must be innovative and display measurable impact either on corporate performance or towards achieving a positive mission or goal


Create website entry form and test January 2021
Nominations open 1st February 2021
Send EDM to enquiries and wider database 7th February 2021
Confirm Judging Panel March 2021
Nominations close End July 2021
Judging begins August 2021
Judging closes End August 2021
Shortlisted Finalists informed 5th September 2021
Table sales to shortlisted companies 5th September 2021
Awards Gala Dinner 18th October 2021


Place your brand at the front of your chosen category or align your brand with the unique and high level ‘Disruptor of the Year’ award
Sponsorship includes logo branding on all pre event communication and website, dedicated social media campaign post announcing your sponsorship 

Some of our previous finalists

Multiple Entries

There is no maximum number of entries permitted from a single organisation. You can submit as many different entries to as many categories as you would like.


Entries will only be accepted when submitted in the English language.

When uploading supporting URL links and files, to accompany entries (supporting materials) please ensure that they are in English. Videos in other languages are acceptable with English subtitles.

Additional Supporting Materials

Additional online documents are accepted for each category

Please keep supporting information submitted to a maximum of:

A single video maximum length of 1 minute

Please either provide a URL link to your video (e.g. via YouTube, Vimeo or other public, English language video platforms) or upload a file max 5mb on the entry form and if required, please make sure you provide a password. Videos should ideally be in the English language or with English sub titles

Three single page documents with further information, images, graphics etc.

Maximum file size of 5MB each. These can be pdfs, jpegs, Word documents or PowerPoint, but please, as above, keep these relevant to your entry and keep the pages to a minimum of one per document

Three web pages

Please include a URL which links to very specific information relating to your entry, up to a maximum of three web pages

Accuracy of Submissions

At the time and date of online submitting an entry, entrants thereby confirm that the information supplied is truthful and accurate. If information is subsequently found to be incorrect, the entry or entries will be disqualified and withdrawn from the awards competition. In the event of disqualification of an entrant through the provision of inaccurate information or materials, the entry will be disqualified and entrants may not be notified.


Entries will be treated by the DWTC as confidential. Only details of the award winners and a shortlist of selected commended or nominated entries in each category will be published prior to, or after the presentation. Please note however that entries are judged by external journalists, analysts and many others for which we simply cannot guarantee confidentiality, so please do not submit information or materials within them that you do not wish to have in the public domain (see also “Promotion” below)

Nominees & Winners

The nominees will be notified, and announced publicly on the website on 15 February 2020). The Brave Awards presentations will take place during the week of the event, a schedule of presentation dates and times will be published in advance.

Judging Process

Entries will be judged on the basis of the information provided to the independent judging panel on the entry form and additional supporting materials, in accordance with stated category requirements. The decision of the judges is final. Details of the judging panel meetings will not be disclosed, nor will correspondence be entered into by the DWTC regarding validation or qualification of entries or the decision of the judges.