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American Hospital Dubai: Raising the bar for excellence in medical care

What are the qualities of a great hospital? It should be patient-focused, employ highly experienced, skilled and caring clinical and support staff, be willing to invest in cutting-edge medical technology to enhance patient care outcomes, institute a culture of excellent, individualized care across its services to generate faith and trust in every single patient, and deliver best-quality medical care at affordable prices. And it should do all of this with compassion and ethics, through transparent, effective, patient-empowering communication.

American Hospital Dubai ticks every one of these boxes.

The flagship division of the Dubai-based Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group, the 252-bed hospital, located in the heart of Dubai at Oud Metha, is recognised as a premier healthcare institution offering world-class, cutting-edge technology-driven primary, secondary and selected tertiary medical care to people of the UAE, the region and the world.

A Mayo Clinic Network Member (MCNM) with many international accreditations to its name - it was the first hospital in the Middle East to be awarded the prestigious JCI accreditation in May 2000 - American Hospital Dubai attracts some of the best healthcare professionals across the spectrum.

A look at American Hospital Dubai''s advanced initiatives that have enabled it to take a leadership position in the region''s healthcare sector:

The hospital places the highest value on innovation and research in medical sciences to continuously improve treatments and care delivery methodologies and its investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for enhanced healthcare solutions has placed it in the vanguard of pioneering healthcare institutions in the region.

Research & Innovation Hub

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Region''s first AI-led medical research centre: American Hospital Dubai launched the region''s first artificial intelligence (AI) research center in 2020 in partnership with Cerner, the well-known global healthcare company. The initiative aims to leverage Cerner''s electronic health records (EHR) data along with its clinical AI and advanced data analytics tools to create centers of excellence in a range of treatment fields.

The partnership reflects American Hospital Dubai''s commitment to UAE''s vision and strategy of fully integrating AI into medical services to minimize the burden of chronic diseases. It also reiterates American Hospital Dubai''s fundamental objective: to continuously improve patient care outcomes and empower individuals to proactively manage their health.

Digital transformation to enhance efficiency: American Hospital Dubai partnered with Oracle Cloud Applications and Cerner to usher in a major digital transformation to enhance medical service excellence and expertise across its clinical and business domains. The initiative will help reduce costs, optimize physician performance, improve inventory management, and ensure the best talent is hired and retained.

Complex Disease Multi-Specialist

American Hospital Dubai has earned its distinction as a Complex Disease Multi-Specialist by initiating a cluster of regional centres of excellence in various specialities such as heart health, cancer, orthopaedic and other conditions, to deliver exceptional results through niche medical services and health packages.

Total Joints Replacement: The first-of-its-kind in the Middle East and one of only four worldwide, the centre has the largest patient base of any private hospital in the region, with international patients from the Middle East and beyond.

Heart Center: A regional centre for cardiac care, it treats all types of cardiac conditions and performs advanced interventional and complex surgical procedures.

Cancer Care Center: A leader in the field since 2005, this dedicated facility provides a range of medical oncology, radiation oncology, paediatric oncology and haematology services for all forms of cancers and blood disorders, in line with the UAE National Agenda to bring down cancer-associated mortality rates.

Robotic Centre of Excellence

American Hospital Dubai: Raising the bar for excellence in medical care (KT28189315.JPG)

4th generation da Vinci Robotic System: Robot-assisted surgeries in medical care have revolutionised treatment outcomes and American Hospital Dubai, with its emphasis on innovation, has raced past many milestones in this field. It was the first medical facility in Dubai to install the 4th generation da Vinci Robotic System and perform the first robotic surgery in Dubai. Over 250 surgeries have been performed with amazing success across a range of fields. Benefits for patients include lower levels of pain, decreased blood loss, shorter hospital stays, minimal scarring and speedier recovery compared to other surgical approaches.

ROSA (Robotic Surgical Assistant) Knee System: Performs state-of-the-art robot-assisted knee replacement surgeries, further strengthening its Orthopedic Department''s distinction as home to the region''s most advanced services in the field.

International Patient Programme to Boost Medical Tourism

American Hospital Dubai is proud to be a member of the prestigious Dubai Health Experience (DXH) brand, partnering with the government to play a leading role in promoting medical tourism.

A preferred healthcare destination for patients from across the world, the hospital has a dedicated International Patient Desk, offers Telehealth Consultations, Treatment Planning and Logistics that take care of the patient''s complete journey back to wellness. From initial remote consultations, travel, visa and airport pick-up to arrangements for patients'' family/caregiver''s stay, et cetera, every aspect is attended to with highly personalised attention and care.

Source: Khaleej Times

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