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Go Beyond Artificial Intelligence: Why Your Business Needs Augmented Intelligence

We often measure progress in AI by comparing AI’s abilities to that of humans.

While that’s a useful benchmarking exercise, it’s a mistake to use this approach while designing AI solutions. Organizations often pit AI against humans. This doesn’t do justice to either one. It leads to suboptimal performance, brittle solutions, untrustworthy applications and unfair decisions.

Augmented intelligence combines the strengths of humans with those of AI. It combines the speed, logic and consistency of machines with the common sense, emotional intelligence and empathy of humans.

To achieve augmented intelligence, you need humans in the loop. This must be planned upfront. Merely adding new processes or responsibilities to an existing technology solution leads to poor results. You must (re)design the solution workflow, and decide which areas are best handled by algorithms. You should define whether humans must make decisions or review decisions made by a machine.

Building augmented intelligence is an ongoing journey. With evolution in machine capabilities and changes in user’s comfort and trust levels, you must continuously improve the design.

This will make AI-driven systems that do invasive medical procedures or that make high-stakes financial decisions more compassionate and trustworthy for your users.

Source: Forbes

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